At Distinct Logic we understand that most every effort taken within an organization affects the bottom line. We also understand that customers want to leverage what’s available in the marketplace and not necessarily recreate the wheel. However, what’s interesting and challenging is that they still want to maintain their competitive technology advantage over their competitors. So to us, the answer was simple. We embraced the idea of providing innovative, unique, custom solutions created and enhanced using off-the-shelf, proven technologies. This method was adopted to control costs without sacrificing performance, availability, scalability, or security. So, when choosing a platform vendor upon which we would build our base solutions we chose the obvious – Microsoft.

SQL Server 2005/2008
Most Distinct Logic solutions are “data-centric” so a very robust database platform is essential. SQL Server 2008 is designed to help enterprises address the challenges of business today by making solutions easier to build, deploy, and manage. It maximize IT productivity by reducing the complexity of developing and supporting database applications and can share data across multiple platforms, applications, and devices, making it easier to connect internal and external systems. Distinct Logic utilizes most every aspect of the software, including its scheduling and DTS features, to provide our customers with the best in data warehousing, security and management.

SQL Server Reporting Services
One of the biggest challenges we have faced when building web-based solutions is creating and consistently generating and securing quality reports. There have been several vendors in this space that provided costly, “bolt-on” solutions that required an additional skill set or resource to maintain. SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports. Reporting Services combines the data management capabilities of SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Server 2003 with familiar and powerful Microsoft Office System applications to deliver real-time information to support daily operations and drive decisions. Report developers can create reports to be published to the Report Server using Microsoft or other design tools. It supports both on-demand (pull) and event-based (push) delivery of reports. It implements a flexible, role-based security and users can view reports in a Web-based format or in e-mail. So it is, in a nutshell, the perfect solution for our needs and a fundamental part of our solutions.
Simply put, ASP.NET allows you to use a full featured programming language such as C# (pronounced C-Sharp) or VB.NET to build web applications easily. Object Oriented Programming makes it possible to build extremely large applications, while still keeping your code clean and structured. With ASP.NET, we can do the same on the web. Its Web Services feature allows for a distributive approach for our customer’s applications which can communicate with different servers all around the world and produce a unified application experience that functions seamlessly.

    The LOGICentre framework is written in C# and runs in .net, using SQL Server 2008 as a database standard. It uses the Microsoft application, membership, and role provider strategy with some additions. The providers and tables have been modified to support multiple applications each with its own menu and pages. Pages can be cross application as well.
    Contractre is written in C# and runs in .net, using SQL Server 2008 as a database standard. It uses our DocGen Contract Engine, that interacts with token based language and content located within the customers standard Microsoft Word templates.
    LeadMindre is written in C# and runs in .net, using SQL Server 2008 as a database standard.