We are Distinct Logic, proud to be a leading developer and marketer of compelling software solutions that meet the exact requirements of our customers. With decades of experience and an array of technologies to draw upon, we can focus on delivering true business automation and not just software.

We were founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2001, providing software services primarily to the engineering and telecommunication marketplace. Over the years, we expanded our horizons to serve most any industry including financial services, healthcare, transportation, human capital management, insurance, and many more. Distinct Logic's core service offerings are readily available to serve any market or vertical.

The company has origins in engineering consulting and data warehousing. We like to say that we began when it all began. Starting in the early to mid 80's when PC's were just becoming mainstream in the business arena, we delivered robust mainframe translation and client based end-user applications to expand the reach of automation. From the start, we recognized the fast-moving and accelerating pace of this automation and learned early that the information and processes that drive business are the critical aspects of any system and that the UI and syntax of any specific language delivering it would be in a constant state of flux.

As a result, Distinct Logic primarily delivers scalable, data-centric applications. Before the term "content management systems" was even coined or defined, we were pioneering the concept of extreme and unlimited business expansion without limitation or resistance from the information management systems or resources that support them. This core mission and concept was then exponentially expanded with the introduction of web based technologies. We understood that all applications possess many of the same components, no matter what industries they serve. Because of this very nature of systems, we created tools and products that provide maximum efficiency in development by providing “out of the box” features that render security, menuing, screens, lists, search controls, and navigation consistently without having to recreate them over and over.

This combination of our core competency, value proposition and code libraries have enabled us to provide clients with a wide range of solutions, no matter the time-frame, budget or need. This flexibility in pricing and transparent solution provisioning creates strong, long-term client partnerships.

Now we have serviced Fortune 100 companies as well as companies of 1. We are and have been the enterprise engine for many start-up organizations and we have also been a provider of discrete functions for departments. Bottom line - We specialize in helping our clients solve the most challenging and critical business and process implementation problems and deliver either custom-built or integrated solutions that minimize expense and exceed their requirements.

    A clearly defined strategy guides Distinct Logic’s daily actions. Titled “Connect The Dots”, it means developing new products, strategies and services to solve a broadening array of customer challenges. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help customers achieve speed to market, seamless process automation, internal information control, and fulfills Distinct Logic's mission to provide superior solutions for an information starved world.  
    For over 12 years, Distinct Logic has paid close attention to customers' needs and has a proud history of delivering exceptional results. In the process, a unique business culture has emerged that drives associates to perform their absolute best. Anywhere you find Distinct Logic, you will find The Distinct Logic Culture. Our associates throughout our company all share this common culture, comprised of five universal values: Honesty, Empowerment, Commitment, Passion and Integrity. These are much more than words. Our culture is a tangible force, one that transcends geography and language, and permeates everything we do as a company. These core values drive the way we serve our customers, who rely on Distinct Logic as a true partner in their business success. Although our systems are created to empower our customers to create and support their own systems, we stand ready to provide them with the absolute best technology and service, to listen, to guide when needed, and to respond immediately to their needs.